"The agility of a quintet, the power of a big band and the sparkling of a funk-band ...",

these are the targets, when the composer, trumpet-player and bandleader Joachim Kunze started to look for a new ensemble. Treading innovative musical paths, he published his first CD with the band „Let’s swunk“. Compositions, which sparkle with joy, polished arrangements, easily drifting grooves, are connecting with swing and funk. A lively creation with a totally new sound results from the nine-men-band’s delight to play and their soli. Joachim Kunze is one of the most interesting trumpet-players in Germany, who shapes with his sensitive soli and powerful high notes this special unmistakable character of the band.

Die Bandmitglieder

Design und Umsetzung: Micha Grandel — © 2007 Joachim Kunze, alle Rechte vorbehalten. Impressum

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